I Have Seen the Future of Pavers and Hardscaping!!!

Monday was yet another washout of a January workday.  I received a sales call from my friends at PAVERART, asking me to stop in to have a look at some of their new products.  I was already planning to stop by their shop later this week and pick up an order of engraved pavers for a project at the Cape May Fire House.  I took advantage of the rainy day and immediately hopped in the truck.

I love taking this trip as I am fascinated with their work and their vast array of projects.  Paverart is a custom paver design company.  Not only do they engrave pavers for municipal projects and fundraisers, they design and create anything you can imagine using pavers!  Check out the pictures and descriptions below…


Jazz up that fancy new fire pit with a custom ring!

Sierra Exif JPEG

Instead of a boring standard paver pattern or circle, add something like this!!!

Sierra Exif JPEG

Add your company’s logo to the front of your business or organization.

Sierra Exif JPEG

Bring the entrance of your church to life!

Sports Teams & College Mascots you ask, watch the video below!

YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE YOUR EYES!!!!  Click the link below to watch Paverart’s complete collection of high school, college and pro sports team logos and mascots!


Here is their latest and greatest project to date!!!  It’s still in progress…




This is an educational, interactive sundial that will be installed at an elementary school!  The circles around the perimeter will have the numbers 1 through 12 engraved into the circles.  The open rectangle in the center feature individual pavers with the months engraved.   As the student stands on the month, his/her shadow will be cast to display the exact time!

Check out their unbelievable products and services at Paverartllc.com.  These works of art can be used in new paver patios or worked into your existing pavers.

As a reminder, Lundholm Landscaping specializes in landscape design and construction including state of the art irrigation, landscape lighting, paver patios, walkways and driveways, flag stone, field stone, planting, grading and lawn renovations.  We have great off season rates!  Contact us today for a free initial consultation!

Thanks for reading.

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Lundholm Landscaping

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Cape May, NJ 08204

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email rob@lundholmlandscaping.com

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