DIY Home Landscapers: What YOU should be doing in YOUR yard this week.


Things have been really busy on this end. I figured it’s a great time to post a landscaping/gardening tip!

Today’s topic deals with rain, irrigation and one of my few pet peeves. Mother Nature has been kind enough to bestow plenty of natural irrigation upon us these past few weeks. It’s important to make sure that are lawn and gardens are receiving the proper amount of water. Here are a few quick irrigation tips…

-Make sure lawns are receiving 1 inch of irrigation per week, including rain. If you are fortunate enough to have an irrigation system, simply place a few empty pie tins(tuna cans work well too)around your property, turn on your sprinkler system and time how long it takes the pie tin to fill up. Now divide that time by 3(recommended waterings per week) and that is precisely how long to set your sprinklers. An infrequent, deep, thorough watering promotes deep root growth and a drought tolerant lawn.

-Switch from chemical based fertilizers to organics or a bio nutritional program. Organics and bio nutrition focus more on the soil than on the grass by creating a micro environment in your soil which is full of beneficial bacteria and insects.

-In the event of heavy downpours or excessive amounts of rain, keep a close eye on your lawn and gardens for fungus. Fungus usually appears as patches of dead or browning grass which quickly rots away roots and plantings. Some varieties are extremely aggressive and can spread quickly. Much more in fungus in future blogs.

-Update your irrigation system to include a rain sensor. If you don’t already have one, a rain sensor insures that your sprinklers will not run once a certain rain threshold is reached. Once the sensor dries out, operation will resume. My biggest pet peeve in life is driving around during a rain storm and seeing sprinklers running.

-Make sure all sprinkler heads are fully operational. Take the time to go through each zone and closely watch to make sure that all sprinkler heads are popping up, rotating properly and not leaking. Faulty sprinkler heads waste water and leave parts of your lawn without water.

Irrigation is one of my true passions. My ultimate therapy is installing a sprinkler system, fine tuning it to perfection and just watching it operate. I spend a good bit of time every year making sure that I am up to the minute on irrigation products, trends and technology. The latest trend is water savings with the use of water saving sprinkler heads and smart controllers. The latest technology allows users to monitor and control their systems using a computer, smart phone or tablet!

If you have any concerns about your sprinkler system, please call me and I will be more than happy to stop by, go through your system and analyze every detail. If you are interested in having a system installed, I provide free estimates. Over the next few months, I will be completing an E-book titled “Sprinkler System in a Weekend”. This comprehensive, step by step manual will guide users through the exact system that I use to design, purchase and install their own irrigation system.

That’s it for now. Remember that Lundholm Landscaping is a full service landscaping company specializing in all phases of landscape design, construction and maintenance. My initial consultation is always free to customers in my work areas. Contact me today in any of the following ways or be really brave and post a comment below!

Rob Lundholm
Lundholm Landscaping
NJ HIC License Number 13VH04413400
Office Phone 609-898-9136
Cell/text 609-722-1814
Fax 609-770-3035

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