Landscape Design Made Simple: The Final Plan!

Thanks again for checking back in with us. As a quick refresher, I decided to take readers into my mind as I do one our our patented “Extreme Landscape Makeover” designs. Today’s article deals with the final presentation of our latest project. This project is unique because not only am I taking you inside my mind as I design a landscape from scratch but I am also taking you into my own back yard. This outdoor fireplace/garden/entertaining area is something that I have been thinking about for quite some time. It’s something that we will be completing over the next 6 weeks, just prior to our spring rush!

If you have been living under a rock and you are not up to speed on this project, check the right hand margin and read over the three previous articles titled “Landscape Design Made Simple”.

We are at the stage where I take my culmination of measurements, ideas and customer needs and put them in the form of a final design. In the past I would sit down with my t square and wide array of drafting tools and spend hours creating a hand drawn, top view landscape design. The photo below illustrates my actual drawing.


I know what you are thinking… Pretty cool!!

But it does not really get my point across. Being the innovator that I am, I decided to take my design skill set to a whole new level. Introducing my first ever computer design!!!

Check it out!!!


This process was done completely from scratch using a CAD program called Google Sketchup.

I am currently shopping for programs specifically designed for Landscape Design where I will take a picture of the customers house and build a virtual landscape right into the photo!!

This computer generated image gives my customers an exact scale model of what I have in mind! I can easily make changes, additions, deletions and even project plant growth.

From here we can use the combination of design formats to get started. Phase 1 will consist of excavating the grass in the new planting areas, installing the foundation for the fireplace as well as doing infra-structure work for electrical, irrigation, outdoor speakers and landscape lighting. Stay tuned!!

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If you are interested in your own computer based landscape design, have a landscape concern, question or anything, post your questions in the comment section below or contact me in any of the following ways…

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Lundholm Landscaping
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Thanks again!

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