Landscape Design Made Simple

As things begin to wind down in the landscaping world, I consider this a great time to start planning for next year. Each year, I like to take an area of my property and completely change it. This year, I have decided to add a KICK ASS outdoor fire pit with slate patio and hammock area. I’m going to work the progress of my project into a DO IT YOURSELF home landscape design series.

Today’s blog is the first of many on my personal process of designing a landscape. I start with a very detailed sit down session with the client. We start with some basic questions such as…

What do you like about your existing landscape?

What do you dislike about your existing landscape?

What made you decide that you wanted to do this project?

Are you giving me carte blanche on this design or would you like to be involved?

How do you see yourself using the proposed area?

How much money do you have to spend on this project?

After taking detailed notes from the sit down session, we then take a long, slow walk around the proposed area. I take detailed measurements and make a rough sketch. Once our interview and walk through sessions are complete, I walk the entire property and take several photos of the outside of the property. My final step in this first stage is to go back inside of the house and take more photos from the inside of the house looking out.

At this point, I have everything I need and I am ready to sit down and do my actual design. I always do my design as quickly as I can so that the ideas are fresh in my mind.

My next posting in this series will take you inside my mind as I complete an actual landscape design! Stay tuned….

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Lundholm Landscaping
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