UPDATED! 10 Insider Secrets to a Perfect Lawn. Tip 7 of 10


Thanks for checking back in.  If you have followed the previous 6 Steps, you should be well on your way to that “Perfect” lawn.  As a quick refresher, we have learned about soil texture, soil pH, soil testing, soil test results and analysis, correcting problems and deficiencies, proper ways to water and finally my insider tips on proper mowing techniques.

Step 7 is quite the leap of faith!  Today, we learn PROPER ways to feed your lawn… you may not like what you read!

<<<WARNING>>>   I am not a proponent of any 4, 5, 6 or however many step fertilizing programs that promise to keep your lawn green “All Season Long”.  I am all about BIO-NUTRITION!!!!

What is Bio-Nutrition, you ask??

Here it is in a nut shell…

For starters, please take a walk today and find the nearest heavily wooded, un-manicured section of woods.  Find an area where the leaves have piled up over time.  Reach down and gently move the leaves to one side or the other exposing the soil.  What you will find is dark, nutrient rich, all natural soil.

The pure soil that we find in the forest is the soil that we are trying to reproduce to create our “Perfect” lawn.  The secret to perfect soil is microbes!  Microbes are microscopic, beneficial bacteria that ward off pests, create naturally occurring nitrogen, aerate soil and create a micro-environment where grass roots thrive. This micro environment that we are creating under our lawn is much like that in nature.  We have organisms that are living, eating, excreting, reproducing, dying, rotting, decomposing and feeding.   This process taking place under our lawn is the exact process that allows trees and other plant life to thrive in the forest. Thriving roots equal thriving grass plants.    Thriving grass plants equal….  “THE PERFECT LAWN”.

I know exactly what you are thinking…

Where in the world am I going to find microbes and beneficial bacteria???

In the ever changing landscaping world, this brand of all natural soil enhancer is known as BIO-NUTRITION.  To create the perfect lawn, we feed the soil new and fresh microbes 2-3 times per growing season.  Over time, healthy microbes weed out all of the weaker microbes.   Additional applications of bio-nutrition will lessen until the soil is self sustaining.  The end result… healthy, self sustaining soil.  As a result, we have a lawn that is so thick that there is no room for weeds as well as ward off pest and disease.


There are several brands that have made their way onto the market.  I have extensive experience with two of the industry leaders.  Here’s a quick look at each…

Holganix-  www.holganix.com-   A bio-nutrition soil enhancer available in liquid and granular form.  I have not yet tried granular Holganix but have used the liquid.  Great product with the exception of requiring refrigeration.  A 4 gallon container will cost just over $100.00 and treats 80,000 square feet or 2 acres.

Suma Green-  www.sumagreen.com-  A bio-nutrition fertilizer that is currently available in liquid form.  Builds deep roots, thick healthy lawns and works remarkably well in shady areas.  Works great with new seed or existing lawns.  Currently available in liquid only.  A 2 gallon container will run around $100 and will cover 2 acres.

I am not here to bash the big brand fertilizers.  I have done extensive research on this subject over the past year.  The results of my research concludes that the last thing that we should do, as responsible homeowners, is dump multiple applications of chemical fertilizers on our lawns.  These fertilizers are meant to force top growth and rapid green up and force grass plants to suck nutrients from the soil.  Several chemicals mixed in with these fertilizers kill the beneficial bacteria in the soil leaving lawns very prone to weed infestation, disease and drought.

I’m not asking you to switch your current lawn care regimen.  I’m asking you to make a conscience effort to know exactly what you are putting on your lawn and what impact it will have on your lawn.  My system is a peek into the future of lawn care.

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See you out there…


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