Can You Believe It??? There’s Something That I Don’t Know About Landscaping!


You read the title correctly, there is a topic about landscaping that I actually don’t know much about. It’s true!!! I’m in a bit of a holding pattern for the next few weeks while having my first ebook published. It’s a great time to start working on a future project.

This post will not be about a travertine pool patio, an off the wall, 4 story jungle gym or an irrigation system that uses 70 percent less water. Today Lundholm Landscaping is getting scientific. We are going where we have never been before. It’s time to learn about Organic Gardening!

It baffles my mind every to see and read about how overweight and obese Americans have become. As I observe the long line at a McDonald’s drive thrus and hoards of shoppers stuffing discount products into their cart at Walmart and Sams Club, I realize that we have become so lazy. Instead of growing our own crops, we buy fruits and vegetables that were harvested under artificial lighting in a 12 story abandoned factory. Cows used to be raised by dairy farmers on open fields. Today’s beef is crammed into a muddy field and injected with steroids so cows reach maturity in 1/3 of the time. Any wonder why so many Americans die of cancer every year?

Enough doom and gloom, let’s get to the good stuff!

As America’s most knowledge thirsty landscape and gardening expert, I actually know very little about Organic Gardening. What exactly is Organic Gardening, you ask?

Organic Gardening is the process by which vegetables are grown the old fashioned way… By hand and in the back yard!

Organic Gardening…

Uses back yard soils, enriched with home made compost and nutrients
Uses natural feeding and fertilization programs
Is fun, rewarding and great exercise
Takes advantage of your garden for 3 seasons
Let’s us know exactly what we are eating
Saves money while improving our health

Organic Gardening is not…

Force feeding nitrogen based fertilizers into foliage so plants grow faster
Growing crops on a forty acre farm, haphazardly applying pesticides, fungicides and chemicals
Growing tasteless crops that produce strawberries and tomatoes with white centers instead of juicy red
Sucking all life out of soil until the dirt is worthless, then developing the property into housing

Here’s my plan.

When I want information, I go to the TOP!

I have decided to organize interviews with 6 of America’s top organic gardening specialists!!!

They may not be household names but I am going to suck all of the information out of them that I possibly can. Each interview will last approximately 15 minutes as we pick the minds of the BIG DOGS of the organic gardening world! Together, we will become, healthy, lean, mean organic gardeners. This information will be available in an MP3 and transcribed into written format as well.

Stay tuned!

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One Response to Can You Believe It??? There’s Something That I Don’t Know About Landscaping!

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