The Battle Against Mosquitos ENDS HERE!!!!

This little guy needs no introduction to those of us who make an attempt to enjoy our lawn and gardens in the early morning, late afternoon or evening hours.

Has this ever happened to you???

It’s the end of another beautiful day.

The beach was perfect, the water temperature is like bath water and visions of grilling a nice piece of steak have your mouth watering.

A quick shower, throw on some comfortable clothes and make a dash to the back yard.

The grill fires right up and in seconds the entire cooking surface is packed with Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and a 2lb slab of beef!

The table is set, the corn is shucked and it’s party time!!

Suddenly everyone is slapping themselves, and each other, in what appears to be an episode of “The Three Stooges”.


 Um, yeah, that’s your blood, or even worse, the guy next door’s blood!

Now we take another shower in “Back Woods Off”, “Cutter” or grandmas special recipe that “Always Works”.  These blood sucking pests were not invited to the party but, like your weird uncle, always manages to find their way in!

The spray lasts a whopping 45 minutes and the little bastards are buzzing and biting again.

Enough’s enough!  Lets take this party inside.

If I’ve seen it once, I’ve seen it a thousand times.

It’s time to retake control of our back yards and state of the art technology is going to help us in a BIG way!

Lundholm Landscaping has your back!  I’ve done my research, finished my testing and I have entered a verdict!

The Mosquito Magnet eliminates Mosquitos!!!!

The approach is relatively simple.  Attract them, capture them, eliminate them! It’s that simple!   Here’s how it works…

Place the mosquito magnet in a location where it attracts mosquitos and other nuisance insects away from where you enjoy your outdoors.

The mosquito magnet uses propane to heat a bait cartridge.  As the bait cartridge is burned, it releases a discrete odor which simulates the breath of Oxen.  As the mosquitos sense the oxen breath, they quickly merge!  As a biting mosquito approaches the bait cartridge, they are sucked into a micro net of which they cannot escape.


Intense studies of the numerous mosquito species in our area determine that only the females bite.  Further, it has been determined that mosquitos only travel up to 100 yards in their lifetime!  Mosquito’s produce sexually, so when the female population is eliminated, the species is eliminated.  The elimination of Mosquitoes in a desired location takes roughly 3 weeks.


Homeowner’s must follow a simple, routine maintenance schedule.  The maintenance schedule consists of 4 simple steps…

1.  Refill the Propane Tank

2.  Replace the Bait Cartridge

3.  Clean Out the Lines that Supply the Propane to the Bait

4.  Replace the Net/Bag that Captures the Mosquitos

The entire process takes about 15 minutes.  A small price to pay for an insect free back yard.  It is vitally important to do the above mentioned steps no less than every 21 days.


If the propane and/or bait cartridge runs out and the unit is not functioning properly, it’s like starting from scratch.  Mosquitoes multiply quickly! Stay on track and stay BUG FREE!!!

Not only do I bring you the information, I can even help you find and order everything.  I recommend as the preferred distributor.  They are a well known online distributor who ships quickly and has everything in stock at a guaranteed low price.  The only thing that a homeowner will need to provide is the propane tank(exact same tank system as gas grills use).

Ordering is as simple as clicking on the links below!!!

Mosquito Magnet MM3300 Executive Mosquito Trap


When ordering, please be sure to order plenty of Octenal, Bug Bags and Quick Clear.  These items are vital to keeping your investment working at optimal efficiency!

If you have questions for me or need help installing your Mosquito Magnet, contact me any of the following ways…

Rob Lundholm

Office Number 609-898-9136

Cell/Text 609-722-1814

SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BLOG to have my blogs automatically emailed!!

Good Luck and Happy Shopping!!!!

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