Don’t Get Too Jealous When You Check Out This New Product…

As you resident expert on all things landscaping, Lundholm Landscaping continues to raise the bar on cutting edge landscape design and construction. We may have created a monster with this one!!!

Guys and Gals, we will never think of lawn cutting the same now that this product is hanging over our heads…

Just when I thought I had seen it all in the incredible field of landscaping…along comes a new product that raises the bar. I’m not really sure whether we can classify this product as hardscaping or landscaping… ITS BOTH???

I received a phone call from the distributor today. He states to me, in blunt terms, “We’re doin’ that install today”.

My reply “Really??”

“Are you ready for us”, he asks… almost expecting me to say NO.

“We are READY”, I boldly confirm!

I gather the troops, switch gears and it’s a race to the job. It’s one of the last items to be installed on yet another masterpiece. We revisit the work site and do some final primping. The installers pull up at exactly high noon and rush into action.

Below is a birds eye view of the work area which is nearly prepped for this amazing new product!


I wondered if this product would be hot to walk on???

How will it hold up???

What will people think???


You are not looking at a standard turf installation. You may, however, have seen this product at The Meadowlands or Texas Stadium. This is a homeowner variety of synthetic turf. It never needs to be mowed, no weeds and no watering(it is permeable so water runs right through and drains through the scientifically engineered base).

This installation took less than 3 hours. INSTANT, HASTLE FREE LAWN!!!




First the The Remote Control, now A 100% Maintenance Free Law! One can only imagine what will come next!

This product starts at around $10.00 per square foot installed. It may sound a little pricey except when you factor in the cost of maintaining your lawn to include fuel, engine maintenance, watering, sprinkler maintenance, fertilizer, thatching, aeration and the overall time that it takes to keep a lawn looking perfect…WHO COULD ASK FOR ANYTHING MORE!

There are 4 different grades of synthetic turf available ranging from Tall Fescue to Putting Green.

If you are considering this product of the future, contact me today and I will work up an estimate.

Rob Lundholm
Lundholm Landscaping

Office Number 609-898-9136
Cell /text 609-722-1814



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