Work Continues As The Project Begins To Take Shape

With the craziness of summer upon us, I thought it would be cool to do an in depth series on the process involved in creating one of our “Extreme Landscape Makeovers”.

As you all know, Lundholm Landscaping, Cape May County’s premier landscape design and construction company, goes beyond the every day, ordinary landscape design. We take old, overgrown and outdated landscapes and turn them into, modern, cutting edge, state of the art masterpieces. Not only do our designs look incredible but we are environmentally sensitive. Our designs feature irrigation systems that cut down on consumption by up to 70 percent, LED landscape lighting which uses 95 percent less electricity than conventional lighting and soil engineering and drainage solutions that reduce runoff.

In previous postings, we saw the original landscape, the process of removing and recycling old concrete and the ground work for our new walk ways.

In this picture, the new walkway takes shape. Instead of an industrial, straight, sidewalk that hugs the house, we are creating a park like atmosphere with a wandering path through the property. By moving the walkway out into the yard, we create a planting area that will hide the expansive brick foundation and provide colorful Hydrangeas.



More photos of our new walkway taking shape.



This pattern is known as running bond. A process by which the Pavers are laid end to end. The border of this patter is known as a soldier course which gets is name from soldiers lined up shoulder to shoulder.

Check back soon as the project continues. Future postings will highlight the completion of the walkways, plantings, irrigation installation and the finishing touches.

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Thanks for reading, see you out there!

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