Diary of an Actual “Extreme Landscape Makeover”

Its Monday June 13th. I had a great weekend and today we start a new project.

The Stone Harbor Job has a few construction items that need to be completed and the Blue Stone Patio is awaiting an order of used brick to match the chimney.

As man

We are in our favorite spot today, downtown Cape May and we are starting a Mega Project. This project will feature new walkways, new privacy plantigs, specimen plantings, upgraded irrigation system, landscape lighting, new front retaining wall and just about everything else you can think of..

I thought it woule be cool, and informative to do a photographic diary of this project. Out of respect for the owners, I cannot release the address. What I will do is provide as many photos as I can. This way readers can see exactly what goes into creation of an “Extreme Landscape Makeover”.

We will lead off today with the “Before” photos…


This area will have the concrete removed(by hand due to tight quarters),new paver walkway that connects the front entrance to the new custom deck and outside shower. The new walkway will be repositioned a few feet out from the fondation to allow for a narrow planting area. Shade perennials will take the eye away from the tall, exposed foundation. Two path lights will gently down light this new path for easy night time navigation.


This picture shows the front entrance of a late 1800’s Federal Style Mansion. The concrete will be removed and replaced with red brick Pavers applied in a classic herringbone pattern with “Doormat Inlay”. This area will be further enhanced by updated plantings, path lights and state of the art irrigation.


The side yard will also have the existing concrete removed and replaced with a red brick Paver style walkway. Instead of being lodged against the house, the new path will be repositioned to allow for foundation plantings and seasonal color. Rather than a strait, industrial walkway, the new path will have subtle curves and give the feel of a stroll through the park. Other highlights of the side yard include a small patio, path lighting, drip irrigation and water saving sprinkler heads.


The new back yard will boast matching foundation plantings, a new Emerald Green Arborvitae hedge to replace the unruly Leyland Cypress, a connected path to the bike shed, path lights upgraded irrigation.


The far back lawn will provide a wide path to the parking area, Tall Arborvitae hedge, new sod and water saving irrigation.

This is no ordinary landscape makeover. The raised front yard and extremely narrow access driveway create a tremendous challenge for delivery and removal of construction materials.

Check back often as this project unfolds, it’s going to be a good one!!!

If you are planning a landscaping project or would just like a few ideas, please contact us today in any of the following ways…

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