10 Tips for a Perfect Lawn(Tip 10 of 10)

Whew!  I have finally managed to get to our final tip on my insider secrets to having a perfect lawn completed.  As lawns begin to come back to life and slowly turn that gorgeous emerald green color, business is booming.  So much for a slow economy!! I am anxious to get through this posting so we can get to the good stuff!!  At this point, readers are watching their perfect lawn take shape.  From here I plan to write about Pavers and Hardscaping, Irrigation, Landscape Design Basics,  Lawn Mowers and Power Equipment and on and on!!!  Lundholm Landscaping is a state of the art landscape design, construction and consulting firm specializing in “Extreme Landscape Makeovers”.

Specializing in Extreme Landscape Makeovers

Todays tip will act as a quick reference guide and summary for the previous 9 tips.  Having the perfect lawn is much easier when there’s a professional in your corner.  These blogs are permanently posted so feel free to check back whenever the need arises.  Once again, here are the basics to having a perfect lawn!

Soil Testing-  Having balanced soil is essential to having a perfect lawn.   Read my Blog “Have You Tasted Your Soil” for complete details on soil testing and analysis.

Thatching- Dethatching removes dead and rotting plant matter at the surface and allows nutrients, air and water to reach the root zone.

Aerating-  Aerating opens up soil, prunes roots and allows air, water and nutrients to get deep into the ground.  Aerating is essential when adding organic matter to soils to improving overall soil quality.

Grass Varieties-  Know what type of grass is in your lawn.  Knowing what type of grass is in your lawn insures you are managing your landscape appropriately.

Going Green-  Moving forward, expect to see a significant increase is laws governing how and when fertilizer can be applied.  Investigate organic alternatives that concentrate on improving soil and creating a micro environment that develops resistance and sustains itself.  The best that we have found so is a product called Holganix.  www.holganix.com.  If you are stuck on using conventional fertilizers, please do not over-apply chemicals to your lawn.  Do some research and understand what is going into your lawn and why.

Proper Watering-  Make sure you are not over-watering.  Lawns need 1 inch of water per week for maximum health.  More water can create fungus, less water can cause roots to dry out.

Mowing- Always use a sharp blade and never cut more than one third of your grass plant.  Ideal mowing height is 3 inches or higher!

Get Fancy- A few extra minutes per week will make your lawn stand out.  Purchase a striping system and master edging and trimming skills.  Take pride in taking care of your lawn.  Walk your lawn every week and inspect every inch.  Keep your eyes open for brown patches, dry spots and pooling water.  Be proactive and stop problems before they start.

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns contact us immediately.  Your first 30 minute consultation is free.  I am always available to help.

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