10 Tips to a Perfect Lawn(Tip 7 of 10) and a FREE OFFER!!!

Thanks once again for checking back to your encyclopedia for landscaping tips, techniques and practices.   Lundholm Landscaping is a full service landscape construction company specializing in “Extreme Landscape Makeovers!”.

Our recent topic has drawn a lot of interest from area homeowners.  I am pumped up that so many friends, family and customers are taking the time to read through these articles.  To show our appreciation, this week I am offering a free 30 minute Landscape Consultation to our customers Cape May County.  Just contact me and I will be there!  We will walk your entire property.  Ask me anything you would like and I will be happy to provide free advice.  No strings attached!

Recently I published a post on why you should consider changing from conventional lawn fertilizers to organic fertilizers.  Today we learn how and when to apply organic fertilizers.

Don’t panic yet, I am not going to ask you to go completely “Cold Turkey” in changing from conventional fertilizers to organic.  We are going to ease into it and let the results speak for themselves.  The product we are recommending is an all natural, holistic, organic approach and goes by the name HOLGANIX(holistic-organic).  Holganix focuses on creating healthy soil, thus a healthy lawn.  The concept is to build a micro-environment in soils which sustains itself with natural occuring nitrogen while building it’s own immune system to defend against insects, disease and drought.  The process is designed to work with the watering and cutting recommendations from an earlier post.

Since Holganix naturally adjusts Ph and resists insects, grubs and disease, these chemicals are eliminated.  Holganix saves money while reducing our carbon footprint and lessening impact on our environment.

Application time frames are very similar to conventional time frames.  For those readers who feel hesitant about completely cutting out pesticides and chemicals, this program does offer a certain level of tolerance.  When starting the program, its fine to mix Holganix with a reduced level of recommended chemicals.  As the your micro environment begins to develop beneath the soil, do not be surprised if you find yourself eliminating the need for pesticides and chemicals very early in the process.  If you want to completely eliminate chemicals  right from the start, that’s fine too!

Holganix is a liquid fertilizer so plan on investing in a good pump sprayer.  I recommend a back pack model(available at home improvement retailers for under $100.00).  Without further delay, we PROUDLY introduce a proven system to eliminate chemicals, improve the environment and produce a healthy, sustaining SHOW LAWN!

Here Goes…

Step 1– Early Spring.  Applied March 1st thru April 30th.

Granular pre-emergent crab grass preventer.  Spot treat(apply chemical weed killer directly to the weeds as needed) unwanted weeds.  We recommend Ortho Weed-B-Gone packaged in a  pre-mixed, ready to spray bottle.

Weed-B-Gone Spot Weed Control

Step 2-Spring.  Applied May 1st through June 15th

Holganix organic fertilizer.  Spot treat weeds as needed with Weed-B-Gone.

Step 3– Early Summer.  Applied June 16th through July 31st.

Holganix organic fertilizer.  Spot treat weeds as needed with Weed-B-Gone.  Apply granular or liquid surface insect control.  We recommend Ortho Bug-B-Gone in the pre-mixed, hose end spray bottle.

Bug-B-Gon Sprayer- Attaches to Garden Hose

***VERY IMPORTANT***  NEVER APPLY ANY FORM OF FUNGICIDE while using Holganix products.  Fungicide kills the beneficial bacteria associated with Holganix and disrupts the entire process.

Step 4-Late Summer.  Applied August 1st through September 15th.

Holganix organic fertilizer.  Spot treat weeds as needed with Weed-B-Gone.

Step 5-Early Fall.  Applied September 16th through October 31st.

Holganix organic fertilizer.  Spot treat weeds as needed with Weed-B-Gone.

Step 6-Late Fall.  Applied November 1st through November 30th.

Granular Fertilizer.  Any winterizing fertilizer will work fine.  Do not use any fertilizer with a weed control mixture.  Spot treat weeds as needed with Weed-B-Gone.

If the decision has been made to go completely organic, simply eliminate step 1, step 6 as well as the spot treating of weeds and surface insects.

The Holganix system takes about 3 years of consistent use to develop the desired micro-environment in soil.  Although the sub-surface development process does take time, immediate results are evident in overall color and lawn thickness.

Holganix is the future of lawn and garden care.  New Jersey is on the brink of passing the strictest lawn fertilizer bill in the country.  This bill is going to limit the useable amount of Nitrogen, eliminate the use of Potash and control when we can and cannot apply fertilizer.  The process introduced above puts us one step ahead of these eminent regulations.

This process is completely new to Lundholm Landscaping.  We have done considerable research in the area of going Organic.  The other companies and programs offered little proof of results as compared to Holganix.  In the coming weeks, I will be apply my first application to my personal lawn.  I plan to keep a series of pictures illustrating the progression of our Holganix lawn and garden.

Holganix will be stocked by Lundholm Landscaping or can be ordered through Aquarius Irrigation Supply(aquariussupply.com or several locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic region).

My friends at Holganix will be monitoring this posting.  If you would like answers, right from the source, please post your questions or comments on this blog.

Thanks again for reading and we look forward to this exciting time in the history of our company.

Lundholm Landcaping

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Cape May, NJ 08204

Rob Lundholm

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email rob@lundholmlandscaping.com


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