I am armed and dangerous!

My favorite time of year…  It’s 5 am, the sky had that purple tint and I headed north to Norristown, PA.  The coffee was perfect, there were 3 cars on the road and I was in all my glory.   Yesterday was the last winter Landscaping seminar on my schedule.   I live for seminars!  This was my first product based irrigation/lighting seminar in a few years.  I concluded that we are definitely in the STONE AGES of landscaping technology.

I’m not sure if it’s because our nearest distributor is an hour away or we are just old school…  or maybe closed minded???  I thought Lundholm Landscaping was on the cutting edge of landscaping technology until about 8:15 am yesterday.  I arrived at the Aquarius Irrigation Warehouse, walked in the door and blew that theory out of the water immediately.  The first vendor I met introduced me to 4 irrigation manifolds that I had never seen before.  In the next glance, the Rainbird Irrigation Rep introduced me to a water saving feature that turned your sprinkler system on based on ground moisture, not a preset time.  Next it was LED(Light Emitting Diode) Holiday lighting and Landscape Lighting.

Did you know that 600 mini bulb christmas lights on your house cost $92 to run if you run them for 6 hours a day from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day.  Those same lights in LED cost $1.72.  They use almost no electricity and the bulbs last significantly longer.  Here’s an example we can all relate to…

If Clark Griswold took down all of his Christmas lights and replaced them with similar style using LED bulbs, he could use twice as many lights and run everything from 1 single outlet!!

As I sit here and sift through the stack of brochures, my head still hurts from all of the information that I crammed into it yesterday.

Here’s a unique concept….

Using the new technology, tools and fittings, I met another contractor whose crew installs 9 sprinkler systems in an average DAY!

Another vendor sells outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and seat walls that the average homeowner can assemble in 4 hours!  Everything is pre cut and hand stacked so that the material gets delivered and its ready to put together.  Who would have thought??

One last thing I will share with today’s lesson on Landscaping Technology 101 is organic, holistic lawn care.  I will do an entire article on this next week as I digest the terminology but for now, here are a few basics..

Instead of flooding your lawn and garden with fertilizer, insecticide, herbicide, fungicide, lungicide and whatever other chemicals we haplessly dump on our properties, create a micro environment.  Today’s organic lawn and garden products create an environment much like a forest, full of beneficial bacteria, microbiotics and rhyzomes that fend off weeds, unwanted insects and bacteria by all working together.  The way people feed and maintain their lawns today is compared to living off of “5 Hour Energy”…  once the initial burst is over, you need another one to keep going.  There are very little nutrients and absolutely nothing to help plants and soil develop a self defense mechanism or an environment where the soil, plant environment can sustain itself.  Organic practices balance soil Ph naturally instead of adding lime or sulfates to temporarily balance things while rain washes the majority of these chemicals into the waterways.

That’s it for now.   More tech stuff later.

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