Extreme Landscape Makeovers!! Start to Finish

A few years back, I kinda, sorta adopted the slogan “Extreme Landscape Makeovers” right after we completely renovated the landscaping at the Cape May Fire House.  There was a party and an unveiling immediately following and someone approached me and said, “Wow, that’s one extreme landscape makeover”!  I have been riding that wave ever since.  We have been involved with so many since then that I have actually lost track.  With each landscape makeover, we get just a little bit better!

Today I’m going to share with you our entire process of creating an extreme landscape makeover.  At Lundholm Landscaping in Cape May, New Jersey we start by sitting down with our customers and discussing everything about their landscaping.  I ask questions such as…

What do you like about your landscaping?

What do you dislike about your landscaping?

What is your budget?

How involved would you like to be in the design process?

What are your anticipated uses of your new landscape?

and a long list of other “feeling out” type questions.

Once the questioning is finished, I take a tour of the inside of the house and take a picture from each window looking out.  This helps me capture the views of the new landscape as the homeowner will see things from inside of the house. I am also looking for things that I want to screen from view using plant materials or fencing.  I pay particular attention to where a family spends the majority of their time.  As I design a landscape, I try to make the views from the inside of the house as inviting as possible.  My goal is to draw the family outside thus creating the most inviting views from the most used areas.   Several of our more recent projects have included “Outdoor Living Rooms”, “Outdoor Dining Areas” and “Outdoor Kitchens”.  These areas are becoming extremely popular and now feature flooring(custom paver patterns or inlays), ceilings(pergolas or low tree canopies) and walls(hedge rows, fencing or lattice).

Next, I take complete measurements of the property(if a current survey is not available).  I transfer my measurements to an 18×24 piece of graph paper, make 10 copies and I am ready to create.  I start by creating the hardscaping and outdoor living areas, then the planting areas followed by lawn and utility areas.  Once the backbone of the design is complete, I focus on the irrigation system, the landscape lighting then the fine details.  The result of the initial drawing is a rough sketch which I present to the homeowner.  Once we fine tune the design elements of the project, it’s time to go shopping!!  Our first visit is to the paver supply yard.  My supplier has all of the their products on display so customers can get a feel for exactly what they are buying.  Beaver Supply in Rio Grande features every paver choice in every pattern.  At this point in the process, I sense the homeowners excitement as they feel the project start to move from concept to reality.  I then offer some upgrades such as in-paver lighting, custom paver inlay(if you can imagine it, we can create it!  If you can’t imagine it, let me imagine it for you!  See http://www.paverartllc.com for examples), custom paver border inlays, micro irrigation(hanging baskets, free standing planters and window boxes), landscape lighting, ponds, pools, waterfalls, spas, fencing, sheds, gazebos, pergolas, trellis’, compost areas, vegetable gardens and anything else you can imagine!!  The sky is the limit with Lundholm Landscaping!!

The hardscaping choices are complete, we’ve added a few custom upgrades and its time to pick the plants.  The process of choosing plants is not as difficult as it sounds.  As the expert, I know which plants thrive and which plants will struggle.  Just because they sell it at the local nursery, doesn’t mean it will do well in your area.  I then plan a trip to a few local nurseries where we can feel, see and smell the plants choices that are available.  Plant selection can be based on color, texture, function or form and can be as personalized as one’s wardrobe!

The hardscaping, plant and the upgrade choices are finalized and the I feel the customers about to burst out of their skin with excitement and anticipation.  The design process is complete and it’s time to get dirty.  Demolition day is my personal favorite but can be a little emotional and upsetting to homeowners as we completely strip their property.  I prefer to do the hardscaping first and always do the back yard work first and work my way towards the street.  Hardscaping requires many deliveries and heavy equipment and does significant damage to grass and lawn areas.  As the hardscaping is completed, the project begins to take shape.  Customers begin to see their new landscape come to life.  As the planting beds take shape, the irrigation is installed and the finishing touches are added, the landscape transformation is complete!  The homeowner sees the fruits of their hard work and enjoy their new landscaping every day. Weekends spent in front of the television are now lazy days relaxing in the hammock or poolside with family, friends and cocktails.  The dreary dark night time view of the landscape is now a subtly illuminated back yard that is the topic of dinner party discussions all year round.  The unsightly view of the neighbors boat and car collection has disappeared behind a custom lattice fence covered in a climbing rose that can be smelled 3 houses away.  The garage is once again a garage now that the new tool shed is tucked cleverly behind an evergreen hedge row efficiently storing the full collection of garden tools.  Mom decided to upgrade the shed to include a custom potting bench where she loses herself for a few hours and creates bouquets of fresh flowers from her private cutting garden.

These are just a few of the many ideas that are available in the new era of outdoor living spaces.  The sky truly is the limit!  If you or someone you know is interested in  a free initial consultation, feel free to contact me right away.  I can be reached in my office at 609-898-9136, cell/text 609-722-1814 or email rob@lundholmlandscaping.com.  Also, feel free to visit our interactive website at http://www.lundholmlandscaping.com.  I look forward to discussing your “Extreme Landscape Makeover”.

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